Audi announced emergence of new models Q4 and Q8

Anatoly Anipchenko
  • Audi announced emergence of new models Q4 and Q8
  • Audi announced emergence of new models Q4 and Q8

Company Audi again delights car lovers. This time, two models are expected to be released at once - Q4 and Q8.

Last year Audi achieved a record sales level: 1,867,738 cars of this brand were bought. So the level of 2015 was exceeded by 3.6 percent. The result achieved is worthy of praise, but even more interesting to learn about plans for the future.

The company's management announced a series of updates in its model range. There was even information about the names of particular cars, the premieres of which will be held in the near future.

Emerging Audi Premieres

The biggest premiere show scheduled for autumn 2017 is the next-generation A8. 2018 promises to please by more A7 hatchbacks.

There was so much talk about the expansion of crossovers, but now it's time to clarify the timing: the serial Q8 will be available in 2018, Q4 - in a year, although there were rumors about the postponement of the release date. Practice shows that everything is going according to the plan. By the end of 2018, the changes should affect all the key lineups of the manufacturer.



The change of generations is accompanied by the arrival of innovations, in particular, a partial auto pilot mode, which will be available from A8. Semi-autonomous and autonomous versions will be undertaken by a subsidiary company, which has been launched in Munich recently. By 2020, three serial models of electric vehicles are expected to be produced.

Information About Three New Audi Models Available on the Internet

Sketches of the frontal parts of 3 novelties became the property of a multi-million audience of car lovers. The RS model line in the following years is replenished with six models (in addition to the already released RS3 and RS5). This was told by Stephan Winkelmann, who runs Audi Sport division.

Although the new models are not named, car enthusiasts have already calculated the expected replenishment of Audi model lines: RS4 Avant, RS5 Cabrio, RS5 Sportback (five-door car was previously available only in S model). These novelties are anticipated, as always, with great impatience, as, indeed, other premieres of the well-known automaker.

Recently, spies too often come across photos of Q8. Though the company continues to demonstrate the concepts publicly. But traditionally, the manufacturing of serial and show cars is carried out in parallel.

Additions in the form of RS Q3 (presumably, after Audi Q3 debut) and RS Q5 - "lighters" of a new generation - will most certainly follow them. Candidatures for the premiere of the sixth (until the end of next year) RS-model are Q2 (the most likely option), as well as a five-door car A7, crossover Q8. Considering the schedules of the emergence of the base models, in the last variant the following forecast can be given: new "charged" Audi models will become the property of the car community later.

Different sources promise interesting moments on the world and domestic car markets. It is from Audi that significant contribution is expected.