Film "Ghost in the Shell" got a new motorcycle

Irina Tkachuk
  • Film "Ghost in the Shell" got a new motorcycle

Motorcycle Honda NM4 was presented to the world community in 2014 at a motor show called INTERMOT in Cologne, one of the largest cities in Germany. Even then it attracted public attention, because it stood out for its extraordinary futuristic design. But on that note the glory of this model did not end, and it became not just a vehicle with a unique design, but also a real hero of cinematic masterpieces!

Futuristic motorcycle Honda NM4 became a filming partner of Hollywood actress Scarlett Johansson, who plays the main character in the fantastic movie "Ghost in the Shell", where she will have to fight criminals from the distant future. Movie release date is on March 31, 2017.

NM4 was chosen for this film for a reason, because its construction and design fitted just right into the concept of a fictional futuristic world. Due to the fact that the motorcycle is a full-scale serial version of the real and well-known Honda brand, the film becomes more realistic, forcing to believe and empathize with events happening on the screen. In the film Johansson's heroine shows advanced skills when riding NM4 motorcycle, and even participates in several battle scenes, including fight scene with the main antagonist of the film, whose role was performed by a famous film director and actor Takeshi Kitano.


Scarlett Johansson already has experience of riding a motorcycle, which she received while filming a movie "The Avengers", created based on famous Marvel comics. And although all the tricks were made by highly trained professional stuntmen, the actress feels comfortable and natural behind the wheel of an iron monster.

Those who have been fans of this work since 1995, when the first animated film was released, and those who will become fans after watching the premiere, will have an excellent opportunity to look at the original model of the motorcycle Honda NM4, involved in the shooting of "Ghost in the Shell", at two international-scale motor shows, one of which is the 44th Tokyo Motor Show.