New Korando from Ssang Yong XAVL

Vladimir Borkovich
  • New Korando from Ssang Yong XAVL
  • New Korando from Ssang Yong XAVL
  • New Korando from Ssang Yong XAVL
  • New Korando from Ssang Yong XAVL

Meet new Korando, which should become the best representative among sport-utility vehicles of the South Korean SsangYong XAVL group.

This spring at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Ssang Yong XAVL will introduce new Korando SUV. Although such a hybrid was already introduced in Frankfurt in 2015, but this new model together with Tivoli should serve as an example in the company for the development of suburban cars for the coming years. The new Korando was intended to be a youth appeal car, which is well-suited not only for leisure sports, like surfing or cycling to get a driver, a few friends and equipment to the destination, but also to go to work every morning or to a business meeting. Based on this concept, a car should be powerful, reliable, and favoring SUV ideology, a kind of brutal Jeep.

Based on these goals, you can guess what is under the hood of this car and what it can. Despite "green fashion" the manufacturer presented a choice of 1.6-litre petrol or 1.6-litre diesel engines, which are on the front axle, and two electric motors on the rear axle. Such a system was called E-4WD. Thanks to this system you can significantly save fuel, or accumulate energy, which can be used for certain purposes both around the city and off-road. It is assumed that the car will be presented with two different types of transmission, which are manual and automatic. The side mirrors remained unchanged. Despite the forecasts for the cameras, the experts attributed this feature to car mass production.

The new vehicle is equipped with the Ssang Yong 3S-CUBE system, which adjusts electrically controlled air suspension depending on road conditions in which a driver got caught. Using cameras the system provides surround view and terrain, if you travel in the highlands. Clearance and stiffness of the spring elements, approach and departure angles are automatically selected by the system according to the state of the roads. Another novelty is Run-Flat tires, which are unfortunately prototypes. Motorists are not pampered with the presence of ordinary door handles either. And finally, a carbon roof that can be dismantled, and the car easily merges with the environment, and its place is occupied by a convertible soft top. As for the dimensions, it is only known that the length is 4190 mm, the width is 1880 mm, and the height of the vehicle is 1650 mm, the wheelbase is 2600 mm. We can assume that XAVL is "stretched" due to Korando's overhang. The forecast is that the base will be five-seater. The company aims to improve the comfort for drivers from the inside, so the buttons on the panel will be replaced by a touch screen for added convenience and modernity of the car.

While we do not know all the details, we are looking forward to test-drive the car.

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