New Lexus Multi Stage Hybrid

Vladimir Borkovich
  • New Lexus Multi Stage Hybrid
  • New Lexus Multi Stage Hybrid
  • New Lexus Multi Stage Hybrid
  • New Lexus Multi Stage Hybrid

What surprises does Lexus prepare this year for its supporters? The new LS 500h hybrid sedan accelerates up to 87 mph exclusively with electric range.

The spring of 2017 brought to the car enthusiasts many interesting novelties and new car models.

So Lexus was no exception and presented at the Geneva Motor Show its hybrid version of LS 500h flagship sedan, which is built by a very creative design.

The new car acquired a hybrid multi-stage system with a 3.5-liter 295-hp V6 petrol engine, a four-speed transmission and a variator.



Working principle of new Lexus 500h is based on a hybrid system. The front two wheels are driven by a variator, and rear wheels - by an internal combustion engine, all this is delivered using gearbox.

At first glance, everything seems to be rather tricky, but Japanese automaker is convincing that the innovative multi-hybrid system is fairly easy to use. The LS 500h makes 354 horsepower; by speed, smoothness of movement and gear shift is not inferior to ten-speed transmission, which is installed on a non-hybrid LS 500. You can switch virtual transmissions either manually or with the help of steering-wheel-mounted paddle shifters. Sedan accelerates from rest to 62 mph in 5.4 seconds.


Lexus LS 500h can drive at speeds up to 87 mph just on electricity due to hybrid multi-stage system. The company achieved a 20% reduction in battery weight compared to the previous model LS 600h, and despite the lower weight, the battery has a higher energy density. The multi-hybrid sedan can also be rear-wheel drive.

To improve driveability, the LGA platform was able to provide a flagship model with a relatively low cent weight and optimal distribution, which would allow drivers to easily operate the car and enter various turns while holding confidently the road surface.

If you compare the dimensions to the base gasoline version of the sedan, the wheelbase of LS 500h has grown from 3,090 to 3,125 millimeters.



Slightly modified rear bumper and already traditional blue outline of front and rear panels distinguish Lexus Hybrids.

Despite current exhibition in Geneva, among automakers there is a tendency of the so-called "green fashion", that is, hybrid cars and electric vehicles.

Lexus was able to please its fans with a novelty based on the latest trends in the world of cars and take care of the environment.