Tips and Tricks for Choosing Summer Tires

Vladimir Borkovich
  • Tips and Tricks for Choosing Summer Tires

With the advent of spring every car owner, regardless of the status and cost of the car, have to think about changing from winter rubber to summer tires! How to choose the right ones? Looking for hacks to choose summer tires? Today we are ready to share helpful advice in the article.

There are many reasons to change tires given the quality of Ukrainian roads and our climate. But before swapping your tires you should take into account such features as the road where you ride, and average temperature in your area at this time of the year! If you drive to work in the morning and return back in the evening you should not rush to do seasonal tire change. Often there are frosts in spring, and it certainly affects the condition of the roads. Therefore, it is recommended to switch to summer tires when the temperature will be at least 7 °C. Good tires imply not only adhesion to the road surface, but also safety on the road. Summer and winter tires have different designs oftread patterns, summer tires have lower tread height, and they are made of hard rubber, which is able to withstand high temperature and high speed.


Maintaining sufficient tire air pressure is required considering temperature and quality of the Ukrainian roads, or rather their absence :( If you are going for a long trip it is necessary to check tire pressure and presence of a spare. Before traveling, it is necessary to ‘run in’ your tires and optimally adjust them to the roads you are driving. Considering that protector’s wear-out in a season is large enough, there is a risk of vehicle breakdown on the road.The best option is to monitor the quality of car rubber and do seasonal change of tires.

Unfortunately, most car owners do not read insurance contracts, in which there is a paragraph about compliance of tires with the season. This may be one of the reasons why insurance companies may reject your claim. And do not forget that when the temperature rises above 7 °C it is a signal and a sign that it's time to switch to summer tires.

Road safety is priceless. Especially if it concerns carrying passengers or your family, then even a small mistake can lead to undesirable consequences. Regularly check the tires and control their quality. If you indicated visible cracks on a tire, on the outside edge of the tread and on the sidewall, these are the signs of deformation and damage so it’s about time to change your tire.


At first glance, some of these may sound strange, but high-quality tires and timely tire change can reduce your fuel costs and help you avoid various penalties, and the correct use of tires and their service life will keep the car from unwanted breakdowns. If your tires are more than 5 years old you need to change them, otherwise you might expect problems, and do not forget that they should be checked at least once a year.

Before choosing summer tires, note that you are able not only to save money, but also to select the best size, design, tread pattern, the country of manufacturer and the maximum speed for a tire and also some other characteristics.

There are different types of tires, let's review the main.

Tire size - this information can be found in technical documentation and on the Internet. You should adhere to the recommendations on the size, the wheels of a larger tread will touch the arch during a turn and make driving more complicated. And with low-profile tires a car can become more rigid, but easier to manage. However, this will affect suspension system, which under such conditions will serve 2-3 times less.

In summer, it is recommended to use wide tires. This will help increase the contact with the road surface, improve stability and ride quality, increase acceleration and reduce the stopping distance. But be prepared for higher fuel consumption.

There are various tread patterns that should be chosen based on your specific needs and the budget:

  • Directional tire with V-shaped tread design;
  • Tires with symmetric (non-directional) tread design;
  • Tires with asymmetric tread design.

When choosing tires you need to remember about tire noise figure. This figure is not the last one to consider when selecting summer tires.