ZAZ broke price record in USA

Vadim Kulibaba
  • ZAZ broke price record in USA

Horbatyi ("hunchback") ZAZ 965A for crazy money? And not in Eastern Europe but in the United States. We need to restore our legendary cars and negotiate a barter trade. We give you Zaporozhets in exchange for 1968 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500.

Incredible cost

What's better: our domestic Zaporozhets or BMW? Our people will be surprised by absurdity of this question. Indeed, in our country the so-called "hunchback" is not worth a groat. But overseas people’s attitude is different. They are very fond of the legendary and rare cars.

In USA ZAZ 965A Zaporozhets was estimated at almost 18,000 dollars! A fast buck! It’s hard to believe that our "hunchback" can cost so much. For example, for the same amount you can buy a BMW X3, or a sports car in a good condition. But who can be surprised by BMW in the United States?

People agree to pay extra for uniqueness. At the end of the day, one can find only a few items in Ukraine and in Europe, and very few in USA. It’s even more difficult to find ZAZ-965 in a perfect condition.


Technical information

The mileage of exclusive Zaporozhets is almost 40 000. It is completely renovated. For renovation only original details were used that are now a real challenge to find.

ZAZ-965 Zaporozhets was produced from 1960 to 1969, at Zaporozhye factory Kommunar. It has a four-speed transmission and an air-cooled engine in the rear with the capacity of 0.887 liters. The front trunk houses the spare wheel, fuel tank, and a battery is installed at the bottom.

A curb weight is 660 kg. Maximum speed is 120 km/h. Tank volume is 24 liters. Americans describe it as a Ukrainian car of Soviet period, named in honor of the Cossacks of the Zaporozhskaya Sech. It’s often compared with Trabant, Volkswagen Beetle, and Fiat 500.

This is not the first time when our ZAZ car is sold for stratospheric price overseas. In our country, a perfectly renovated ZAZ 965 is also not cheap, and costs a few thousand dollars. But not 18.

Hence it is a good idea to redevelop our iconic cars, and to agree for exchange of vehicles with the devotees of cars from the United States. We bring you Horbatyi in exchange for your legend, such as the Ford Mustang!


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